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before I order another Web Based Training

During meetings with clients and research of their needs when ordering, for example WBT, I found out very often that the company orders another training without knowing the basic information, ie the needs of employees, and exactly what task is to be trained in the educational path of the employee.


The development of the employee is important,

I think it is not subject to discussion

Further training changes the effectiveness of employees, the quality of their work, and most importantly, it often decides to be or not to be a company, especially those smaller entities. The company gains an image and, therefore, acquires more talented employees who, in their nature, still want to develop.

From the research conducted by Branham along with PricewaterhouseCoopers, who were looking for an answer to the question, what are the real reasons why employees leave their jobs. We find out that already in the fourth place, for which the employee left the company, was reported that they had little chance of professional development.

Recruitment is expensive, every even this very beginning entrepreneur knows, so maybe it is worth thinking about training the staff with sense.



If your organization supports employee development, it can also use this fact by marketing. Informing broadly about the importance of education in an organization is important information for potential clients. This is a signal that it is worth using services or products because they are of high quality (as evidenced by the continuous development of employees).

Why, then, is not always enough emphasis on the development of the employee in the company and no one (or almost) examines the needs of the company and the employee. Why no one builds a reasonable educational path of an employee?

I think it is not about a bad will. Often the priority is gained by current affairs, which relegate to the background the projects related to internal education, which are a complex action, requiring time, which – as is known – is always lacking.


Despite these difficulties, however, it is worth to make the greatest effort and care. How to do it?


Start with the educational path.

Educational path – it is easy to guess – it is a diagram of the development of a given employee in the organization.

When approaching a new company, the employee should gradually become familiar with their tasks, the way they are implemented in a new company, at the same time gain new knowledge and skills that will allow implementing increasingly complex and responsible tasks.

Knowing the company’s goals and taking seriously the educational path – colloquially speaking – we “program” the employee from which training should be used in turn.  We have full control over how the level of development of a particular person is shaped at that moment and how a company can use this person better.

And finally, really interesting thing, which I noticed even in those large organizations that use a huge educational platform with thousands of WBT. Very often no one controls and does not investigate exactly what the employees are learning. Can you imagine?

The company spent really a lot of many for the next Web Based Training or on education in general, but nobody (or almost nobody) creates a system that examines employee interest and the effects of their training. Absurd, but true.


In sum

The development of an employee in a company is something that the best ones bet on … and they do not regret it. Join this group and enjoy a motivated and loyal team of great specialists, but … examine the effectiveness of training and examine the educational path of the employee.

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