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If you are an entrepreneur and you want to effectively promote your brand, service or product, it is worth to start using video marketing for this purpose. If you are not convinced yet whether this solution is appropriate, in today’s article we introduce the issue of video marketing.

You do not have to graduate from film school to make movies that will work great in Social Media.

What’s more, movies prepared less professionally have a very good reception. They seem authentic and not contaminated with marketing. This is confirmed by thousands of marketers and other people who use videos as part of social media and achieve very good results in this way. Starting from simply maintaining contact with your group of recipients, and ending with reaching for huge successes in social media and setting very high ranges.

Video materials are great positioning

Video marketing has advantages on the SEO side. Video content has a high value for the position of the brand in the search engine. The first three results (not counting ads in the first places) are video links. At the same time, by adding a video, e.g. on YouTube, the description includes links to the company’s website as well as addresses for social media channels.

Until recently, we wrote that it is worth conducting marketing activities to become interested in video marketing and try to enter it because it works well. Now this kind of opinion belongs to the past, because this kind of marketing is obvious. At the present time, one should not wonder whether to use videos in social media, rather how to do it well.

In 2021, we will be watching an average of 5 million years of video material on a monthly basis

Cisco’s forecasts are unambiguous. According to their research, in 2021 we will be watching an average of 5 million years of video materials per month. Sounds amazing, but what’s this statistic saying? Breaking it into prime factors, the calculation shows that in every second a million minutes of video will be watched. Which means that an average of 60 million people will watch an online video every second. Impressive, right? I think you know what you have to do to be among those who will be watched?

Video content is conquering social media

It can not be hidden that video content is also an inseparable element of any social networking site, playing an extremely important role in the hierarchy of content.

This is confirmed by the recent changes of Facebook, which is becoming more and more bold on video. Introduction of the Facebook Watch platform, the ability to set a cover video or profile video – this is just the beginning, and let’s not forget that it’s video content that is promoted the most in the Facebook algorithm. Every day, about 100 million hours of video are watched on this portal.

In turn on Twitter, video content is six times more often passed on than twitty with a photo.

Do not forget that there is also Instagram, where 200 million users use the Instagram Stories option.

However, one of the youngest social media, or Snapchat, is 10 billion watched video a day.

Newsletters and video

Placing the video in the content of the email increases the click-through rate by 200-300%.

Newsletters and all kinds of mailings are an extremely important element of every brand’s communication. Let’s be honest – every day, a lot of e-mails are sent to the client’s mailboxes. Many of them are not opened, they just end up in the basket, but despite this, mailing is still a very strong marketing force.

It is worth remembering that by using the word “video” in the title of the email, it raises the probability of its opening by 19%.

If the video is placed in the content of the email, its click-through rate will increase by as much as 200-300%, and the likelihood of unsubscribing from the newsletter will decrease (26%).


What to remember when creating video content?

3 seconds to exert emotions

Even a person who is not connected with marketing knows that everyone is overloaded with information, everyone is immune to the reception, and the competition of content is enormous. 3 to 7 seconds is the time a marketer has to interest in his movie content.


Noteworthy is also the information from Facebook that 85% of films shown there are watched without sound.

A good idea for videos on Facebook is adding subtitles to the video, so you can pass the content before anyone else listens.

Record briefly and concisely

In the case of educational or informational videos, 15-20 minutes is the absolute maximum. However, in the vast majority of cases, this time will be much, much shorter. In the case of Snapchat, 10 skeunds, Twitter 30 seconds and Facebook from 3 to 5 minutes.

If you have a Facebook account: upload the video directly to Facebook

The data show unambiguously. Movies, which appeared on Facebook right away, and not in the form of a link from YouTube, have on average about 4 times the number of interactions.

This is due to a few issues. Facebook prefers videos that are uploaded on this website and give them more reach, while these types of videos are simply more convenient to watch for users.

Start with the idea for yourself and the movie

A well-recorded video is one that is based on a story. It must contain a hero with whom you can identify, who will move the audience – make them laugh, sadden them, move them – refer to their emotions, pass on some story and teach.

Research at Harvard has shown that this type of content causes the recipients to release oxytocin, which makes them more generous, sensitive, compassionate and trustful.

Read Article from Harvard Business Review: The New Science of Customer Emotions

Use live on Facebook

Live is a good way to use videos on social media. Instead of putting a recording, go live! In this way, you can establish a warmer relationship with the recipients, you can interact with them and build stronger ties than in the case of a video that has already been recorded.

Do not use digital zoom

If the use of digital zoom is not an intended procedure that aims to laugh at the convention, do not do it. Especially if you’re recording a more serious form. Digital zoom gives one effect – low image quality.

Take care of good sound quality

Sound plays an important role. While the poor quality of the film can be forgiven (even the one shot from the phone), and sometimes sometimes in some forms to add authenticity to the film, the poor sound quality is not forgivable.

Take care of good lighting

Recording with a smartphone is not a bad idea, but it is a very bad idea to record with a smartphone in a dark room, because in this case, except that the picture is dark, the recording quality in most cases drops significantly.

Look at the lens

Avoid a situation where instead of talking to the lens you focus on how you look in the preview. This situation means that you do not look at the person you are talking to. In the final recording you do not maintain eye contact with the viewer, which reduces the effectiveness of the movie.

Video marketing for fast

Creating a video just to make it happen – it’s definitely a bad idea. It is not enough that it will be. It is important that it is done well and in the most professional way possible. Therefore, all ideas of your own video must be carefully planned. Prepare yourself accordingly: take care of the equipment, plan specific steps and choose the right colleagues. Hurry is not indicated. Also set yourself a clearly defined goal and outline the content you want to convey.

Imprecise target group

Define clearly who the recipient of the message is. Analyze your audience’s expectations and try to meet them. You need to know your clients’ needs very carefully and then respond to them through effective video. Consider what language the recipient is talking about, what interests you, how old you are. The more details you specify, the easier it will be to speak to it.

Call to Action

Remember to not forget about the call to action. Everyone who watches videos is potential customers. Subtly and gently encourage them to buy or visit the website. Remember to call it action twice. For the first time at the beginning of the video material, and for the second time at the end.

Why also at the beginning? This is a great solution in the event that one of the viewers does not watch the video to the end.

Description and tags

Another two important aspects, very often ignored by the creators. The description is a great place to present what the film will be about, also intelligently interspersed with keywords.

Thanks to this, the material will be much easier to find. It is also a great opportunity to promote the website address or links to social media channels

In the case of tags, good preparation is extremely important. The more relevant the tags, the higher the position in the search results.

How to choose them? In this case, do not use the intuition, and the appropriate tools for this purpose. Planet planers are best for finding words and key phrases that best match the video.

Effective video marketing = regular video marketing

In order for promotional activities to be effective, video materials must be published more than once. Video marketing activities can be compared to content marketing. Regular well positioned articles of the company’s blog receive high rankings.

Interact with viewers

If comments start appearing at the movies – very good. This proves that the company and its films begin to gain viewers. This does not mean, however, that at this point the work ends. On the contrary. If possible, try to respond to posted comments. If they are negative, but substantive – address them. To be positive – thank and invite to take advantage of the offer. Ignoring comments is not a very good idea, because commenters can get the feeling that you are disrespectful and not interested in your viewers, and thus potential customers.


Many marketers give up on video marketing. There are many reasons, from financial to the lack of an idea for the implementation of such a project. Despite all the difficulties, it is worth to start today, because the trend is accelerating, and easly we can be far behind the competition.


If you were interested in the subject of video marketing, be sure to read the next one.


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