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Video Production Agency Munich

How to make a great video ad and not go bankrupt

Video Production Agency Munich

In this article you can see an example of a very interesting project that is great for low-budget advertising.


The client comes to the agency and says:

I want an advertising film on Instastory, but not expensive



Of course, almost every customer wants a movie that won’t cost much. It can be done very often. How is this done?

Video Production Agency Munich

An example of a movie that we made for barber.

Vertical format used for Instastory.

First step

The first step is to decide what video ad you want to create. What do you want people who see your movie to think, feel or do? Why should they believe you? To simplify this selection, we usually suggest one of two types of films:

Introducing the company: Tell your audience what your business does, what it produces or sells. Tell us what makes it stand out and how you can be contacted.
Product or service presentation: tell about a specific product or service and describe their advantages and what makes them different.


If you are introducing a company you own, you can cast yourself in the lead role. Potential customers want to know if you’re reliable. A business owner is often the most appropriate person to tell about it.

Product or service

The product or service being introduced may become the hero of your story. In this case, you can use the voiceover or, as with the film in this article, the film has only music.

The person you choose as a teacher should speak clearly and read the text at the right pace. It is worth considering such an option if you do not feel well in front of the camera.


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Great movie, great people, thank you for the great work!

Thank you! and we hope to see you guys again when the coronavirus madness will end 🙂

Sehr schöne Bilder.

I just wrote an email to you about the session. Please contact

Hi MariaMari,
thank you for the email, this morning Anna Kita wrote back to your breaf.

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