6 effective golden ways to get a good title for your WBT

good title for your WBT

6 effective golden ways to get a good title for your WBT

The fact that you write great texts on your website about elearning is not enough. To encourage the customer to click on your article, you must have a great idea for the title. A professional copywritter believes that the time you want to spend on writing the article should divide 80 and 20 percent of the time. 80 percent should include the time you will devote to the drawing of the title.

How to create a good title? Below are 6 ways to attract the attention of Internet users.

1. Promise the benefit of reading

The internet user’s time is the most valuable what he has. 2-3 minutes, it’s eternity, adding to this effort of reading … You see, it is not easy to attract attention, so promise in the title the benefit of reading content.

Solve the problem, promise that the client will improve the results, he will recover, he will gain, he will get out, he will know, he will know even more and better etc.

2. Calculate

Numbers always attract attention, e.g. 10 secrets of internet marketing. Promise me that you will solve a problem in a few steps. If someone has no idea about what to write a blog, promise him 100 titles, which he can adapt to the site. If something needs to be learned, it is better to give a lower number, but more than 6. Studies have shown that too small a number can be discouraged because it suggests the lack of writing competence. Hmmm … in my opinion, it’s best to research it yourself in my own article, what work best in your case

3. Ask questions

People often write the questions in the search engine, why not help them by writing a title that has a similar question?  On the example of our site, I have to tell you that the question is best without a question mark at the end. Do not ask why these types of titles work better. It is possible that they are better read in the search engine.

4. Get curiosity

Surprise the reader with the answer to his problem, talk about the unknown method. Avoid, however, scandalous or shocking ideas, it does not work out long-term. If you want SEO to work long and effectively, and you do not write articles about what movies-stars have eaten or where the last German movie star has been, forget about the shock. Sample titles: “Learn the secrets of an effective Google Adwords campaign.”

5. Appeal to authority

This is one of the most interesting ways to attract attention. You know how it feels when you break through thousands of pages in the search engine and all write about the same, and nothing is supported by research. Most readers are in the same situation, so they are interested in the opinion of a person known in the industry or a known brand. For example, the opinion dr. Diamond on the subject of the brain, or what has been studied by the prestigious Oxford university.

6. Short and to the point

Attracting the title should be simple and concrete and say one hundred percent about what will be in the article.


The use of the above guidelines does not guarantee the creation of a title that certainly no one will skip. However, it increases the chance that your text will be noticed at all.

Also check the links below for the generators that make it easier to create catchy titles. A cool option to play and generate some examples.

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