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The client comes to the agency and says:

“We want our client to understand that we provide services at the highest level and pay attention to the smallest details.”

That was our task, we hope that the movie is not only enjoyed by our client. On the occasion of our order, we collected the most important information about what to look for when we want to rent a conference room.

The organization of conferences, training sessions and other types of events is not a venture that can be taken lightly. An event, such as a conference, does not go unnoticed. Has a long-term impact on the image of the company (brand), further cooperation with contractors, sale of products, and even the amount of tax paid by us. Therefore, prepare well and choose the right place that meets a number of requirements. In this article, we’ll suggest what to look for when renting a conference room. 

1. Rental of a conference room – organization level is our company’s showcase

What the invited guests will find during the conference or event is our business card and will be associated with our company for a long time.

Therefore, all activities related to the organization of this type of events must be meticulously planned and thought through. It is also important to be able to anticipate unexpected situations and protect yourself against them.

2. Choosing a meeting room

Certainly, the fundamental issue when organizing conferences and events of this type is the decision to rent a conference room. This is not a simple choice at all. Not only because of the wide offer, but also in terms of the answer to the question, what parameters should be taken into account in order to consider that the conference room chosen is really optimal?

In order to be able to make a good decision, you should first think about what our needs are, what exactly we expect from the conference room, and – which is certainly not without significance – what funds are available.

3. So what to consider and what to think about?

It is very important to determine how many people are invited and whether the rented conference room will easily accommodate the number of guests anticipated, and provide them with a sense of comfort.

Another issue is location and access. It would not be good if getting there was a problem for those invited. Location and surroundings are also important: is the conference room located in a noisy downtown, full of smog, or in a quiet and charming place near the city. This is important especially in summer, because the nice surroundings have a positive effect on the well-being of the guests invited.

4. Equipment and service of the conference room for rent

Speaking of summer – it is important to check whether the conference room is air-conditioned, especially if you invite a large number of people. Its absence can break even the best organized party.

In order to see for yourself to what extent the description of the conference room on the leaflet or website agrees with the  actual facts – it is good practice to go to the place and convince yourself  in person. An earlier visit to the place where the chosen conference room is located has another additional advantage – it will allow us to get to know the staff employed in its operation.

It is worth being aware that the people employed there will accompany the conference / event and thus will have an impact on its final course and result.

Therefore, it is recommended to check to what extent communication with staff and management is  effective and without conflict, how easy it is to obtain necessary information, and to what extent they show good will to provide services at the highest level, and how they embrace cooperation.

5. Other important details

Another quite important detail is checking whether the conference room has fast internet access, wi-fi and telephone coverage. It will definitely be an advantage if it is equipped with a multimedia projector.

Talking about multimedia: Has conference room has a good P.A. / sound system? Are microphones required and provided? Can the room be darkened?

Overall, the room needs to meet all technical requirements, while at the same time room it needs to have a fitting ambience for the type of event organized and the style of guests invited.

6. Good meals & BREAKOUT OPTIONS

„Mens sana in corpore sano“:  The effectiveness and overall impression of a conference is obviously not only driven by the technical needs. One very important aspect is the one of catering. Be it refreshments, or a full fledged luch, or dinner, it is worth checking what it offered in terms of options and quality.

Depending on the duration of the event, it can be advisable to check for „breakout“ options. The short after-lunch stroll, the five-minute break, or – depending on the structure of the event – potentially hosting part of the conference in a different room, or even in a suitable outside area: The option to change places during the conference can not only boost the event‘s effectiveness, but certainly will improve the overall impression, consciously, or unconsciously.

7. Opinions of others

One of the arguments that can crown our decision to rent a conference room is to consult others.

Relying on them does not always work, but they certainly represent an important voice in making decisions. Checking the opinions enjoyed by the conference room will allow us to avoid unpleasant situations, because it is very likely that they may meet us.

8. Housing conditions

If the event organized by us is business, it is also worth paying attention to whether there are rooms next to the rented conference rooms for conducting conversations and meetings in a sufficiently comfortable atmosphere.

An additional advantage will certainly be guest rooms (if we plan the conference for more than one day), SPA or a place where our guests will be able to rest and relax.

9. Information on the Internet

Check opinions on independent, national or international booking portals – they are highly trusted, and also collect recommendations from thousands of users. On this basis, you can learn exactly about the strengths and weaknesses of a particular object, the level of service, quality of service and hygiene. This is a must-see if you choose a hotel.

And be sure to look at photos and videos.

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Nice movie, thankyou for posting.

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