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Gingerbreads XMas 2019

XMas Fotoshootings 2019 – behind the scene

Gingerbreads XMas 2019

Xmas are coming and of course, and we’re starting to feel their magic. We spent one evening preparing a movie and photo session dedicated to Xmas climates – home, baking and the smell of gingerbread. The idea was to make the film and pictures have their magic character, that’s why we decided on a dark atmosphere. The idea was that the person viewing the pictures had the impression that he is in a room where the Christmas tree stands and only the glow from the lights gives a little light.

To balance the sweetness of the cakes, we decided on the cold colors. You will find blue, gray and a bit of cold pink.

Of course, the film is made in similar idea. Music clearly directs us to the Christmas period and its magic.

I don’t know about you, but watching this movie I can almost smell the gingerbread and the Christmas tree.

Let me know in the comments if you like our session.

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Neff Gingerbreads XMas 2019


They differ in shape, thickness, softness or additions, but always seduce with the aromatic, spicy aroma of spices, reminiscent of winter evenings and the family atmosphere of Christmas. Gingerbread, in the past considered a symbol of prosperity and a luxury product, available only to the richest inhabitants of the Hanseatic cities, currently occupy a leading place among the most popular sweets of our continent. Despite the greatest popularity in winter, it is an absolute year-round rarity, which has long gone beyond traditional forms, gaining a new face.

Gingerbread baking history.

Unfortunately, the story does not clearly say where the cookies that we eat for Christmas come from. One can only presume that the gingerbread was born in the late Middle Ages, when transports of spices from India reached Europe. It is to these famous spices that gingerbread owe their stay. So these spicy cookies were baked everywhere where you could get aromatic roots. Gingerbread was eaten in practically all major European ports, and then in those associated in Hanza. Spices were a luxury good, so only the richest could afford this sweet treat. And where did the wealthy people live and who were they? They are of course residents of the largest cities – traders, agents and rulers.


Gingerbreads where they are popular

Of course, they are extremely popular in Germany, which are known for their love of these sweet, captivating specialties, but gingerbreads – in various forms – also appear on the tables of other inhabitants of the Old Continent. The French eat spicy honey bread, known as pain d’épices, in Switzerland there are glazed gingerbreads from Basel, and in the northern countries – thin animal-shaped gingerbread cookies and hearts. Probably the most recognizable gingerbread of the 21st century, thanks to mass culture, are British folk, decorated with various toppings.


Click on the picture and you will see pictures in a larger format.

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