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4 questions before ordering an film

The client comes to the agency and says:

“I want an old-style film but also to reach young people”

4 questions you need to ask yourself before ordering an advertising film

Marketing film production must be preceded by an analysis of at least several factors, i.e. a brief. Only after determining them can you start production. Appropriate preparation will allow you to get a better final result and achieve the objectives of the client. In this article we will talk about 4 questions before ordering an film. Lets start from…

1. why, for whom, where?

The main task of the film production team is to achieve the goal set by the client. Whether a film contains a guiding message should be analyzed at every stage of production. One of the first steps is to determine the recipient of the film, i.e. roughly the target to which the advertised product, brand or service is directed. This involves determining the recipient’s profile, i.e. age, gender, education, and environment.

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The next stage is choosing the media in which the film will be presented. It can be television, but also a website, social media or YouTube platform. Many further parameters of the film depend on this choice: its format, length, screenplay, and thus production costs.

The shortest are films for television, which usually do not exceed 30 seconds. The films intended for publication on the web are slightly longer, lasting from one and a half minutes to several minutes. When there is a need to make a longer film, you can consider splitting into several shorter episodes. More material means more valuable content.

Social platforms, such as eg. Instagram, have two formats. One in instastory, where all videos are viewed vertically, and normal posts that have a square format. Both forms of content are a maximum of 1 minute of recorded video. So before you make a movie, you need to know where the movie will be placed.

2. Movie budget

Nevertheless, an important factor influencing the production process is the budget available to the client. It is rare for a budget to be unlimited or excessive. Financial restrictions affect the filming location, recording method, time spent on production and the number of people involved in everything. Depending on the finances available, you need to choose the recording location (open air, customer headquarters or maybe a studio with a green screen), select the appropriate crew and cast.

3. Where and how fast?

The time at which the film is to be ready has a direct impact on the involvement of the right number of people and the amount of equipment. Editing or post-production is also important. Often, the materials that the customer already has are used, but you always need to make sure that they are suitable and that they do not accidentally need to be re-done.
The location of the film set will also affect the amount and type of funds involved. This affects the selection of lighting or sound equipment. Different lighting requires open air in the open, another closed, where there is also different existing light. Equally important is the acoustics of the place and the background sounds. Ordering on the film set is also important for the comfort of work, which is especially important in the open air, which are the headquarters of companies.

4. Film editing and its stages

No less important than the filming process is its processing, i.e. editing. Even the best photos can be spoiled by improper editing. The assembly includes not only the selection of the best scenes, but also the appropriate background music, animations and colors.
The method of editing depends not only on the end result of the client’s intention, but also on the way the film is made. The editing of material from several cameras is different than the filming of one film. It also affects the movie budget.
The final effect is influenced not only by the image itself, but also by the sound. Often, the specifics of an advertising film require the purchase of a soundtrack. The backing track can be purchased in the form of stock or, where relevant, buy a song by a specific artist. The latter option is much more expensive. The cost of the license is also influenced by the place of publication of the clip – the most expensive is television.

Almost every movie is complemented by animations that make the movie more attractive and easier to read. In their case, precision of execution is extremely important. Foreign language subtitles can also be a type of animation when the film is intended for more than one market. Foreign language versions also often require recording separate soundtracks with the voice-over of the voice-over, and sometimes also other background music.
One of the last stages of film processing is the color scheme that affects the viewer’s perception of the film. By using the right colors and tones, you can highlight certain elements or parts of the film.
The final effect can be positively influenced by familiarization with other film productions similar in subject and form. Preferably, this is done jointly by both parties, the contractor and the client. This can prevent the situation that the final product will be missed by the expectations of the client, despite the fact that it will be a high quality implementation in itself.

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