12 free excellent online persona templates in 2019

free online persona templates 2019

12 free excellent online persona templates

A WBT/buyer/customer persona is a great tool for improving understanding of your important customer segments and communicating  this knowledge to the wider business. Personas help bring your customers to life and get away from using descriptive statistics that rely on averages that are highly misleading.There is no such thing as an average user. A good persona should be based on segmenting your customer base and can be used to personalise your user experience for individual segments.  Treating all users the same will only lead to an average conversion rate.

What is persona?

Persona (Greek prosopon) is a concept introduced by Jung, which indicates the way of adapting to the cultural model. It means a mask that a person takes for social use, a compromise between an individual and society.

This information can be transferred to marketing and sales. We are building the form of our perfect client. We are wondering about many personal and professional details that will help us speak the language of sale. Knowing our persona is easier for us to prepare advertising or e-learning material.

In the sweat of the brow, we searched the field of the web space to collect the most interesting and effective websites, where you can set up persona for free.

  1. Behance – A place where agencies and graphic artists from different countries publish their works. Also, Clou Media – the agency on the page you are ;P
  2. Xtensio – It’s an online user persona template covers 6 of the 7 Persona topics. Very professional and clear. Nice design.
  3. Hubspot – they are writing about themselves : Easily organize your audience segments and make your marketing stronger.  They asks about your data, what is ok for such great persona maker.
  4. UserForge – very nice page: Visualize your user groups to understand their priorities and design solutions that fit. You can start by adding your personal date or use twitter account for login.
  5. Kula partners – click and use at once pdf.
  6. Inflow – maybe not great design, but maybe somebody will like.
  7. Personapp – It allows you to set up a simple persona in no time at all, and it includes options for easy sharing across your entire company.
  8. Up Close & Persona – I will help you create the most important customer types, easy to use.
  9. Content Harmony –Producing a personal profile and customer journey map for each of your target customer segments is the first step in a properly targeted content marketing strategy.
  10. Colorlib – you can download ready templates
  11. The Buyer Persona Institute – it covers all of the Persona topics except for ‘Customer Pain’.
  12. Fluid – easy to use and organise information.


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