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You have your WBT ready, and only your mother bought it. This article will share with you an effective copywriting technique that will help you download merchants to your site.

You got such effort with the course and you think that nobody has seen such a good thing yet. Great!

You check your bank account several times a day, because you are sure that you are selling another WBT and the number on your account must be increased by one hour per hour. Unfortunately, it is not?

You have a product and you try to tell your audience about it.

You write emails, messages on LinkedIn, facebook adverts, even posters on Instagram … and nothing.

You have a problem, no one who goes to the sale side stays longer than a few seconds. Google analytics absolutely shows just bounce, bounc, bounc away.

In desperation, you start paying for advertising on Facebook. Your score is 4-6, you get less than 30% open rates.

You think, how can it be that no one wants to learn, you have done such good thing.

– What is wrong with me …

– It’s easy…

– You are deaf.

– Deaf?

– Yes, you do not listen to your clients.

Sit down and read on, today I will teach you a technique that in its simplicity will kick you in your head and turn it into a circle.

Copywriting is a language of marketing. Each sale is based on communication with the client. Writing about things that the client is not interested in and the misunderstoodness of the bar will not work well.

How to write so that the customer wants to read and buy?

Apply PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solve). Dan Kennedy, a legendary direct marketer and copywriter once called it the most reliable sales formula ever invented.
So why not listen to someone who is an expert.

“When you understand that people are more likely to act to avoid pain than to get gain, you’ll understand how powerful this first formula is. (…) It may be the most reliable sales formula ever invented.” ~ Dan Kennedy

It can be used everywhere where you want to sell something. Therefore, it does not have to be just a blog, but also an entire campaign starting with emailing, social media, advertising, as well as cold contact.

The formula works like this:

  • Identify a problem.

  • Agitate that problem.

  • Provide a solution to that problem.

Let’s start with your  problem

Advertisement worked, some people went to the site, but no one stay there to read something. After a few seconds, most people leave. This may mean that they have not found a reason why they should stay and read on. If you want people to read, you must immediately find an important value for them.

You must learn to describe their problem and stop on the site. Describe this problem even better than the client would do it.

Do not bore, do not write anything more than they need. Understand their problem and describe it as much as you can.

You can not guess their problem, you must KNOW!

And now you will not be surprised if you are a marketer. One of the first steps in product development is market research and target conversation. You need to understand what the client is struggling with and what problems you will solve by selling your Web Based Training.

Learn how the customer describes the problem, what words he uses. The more research you can carry out, the better.

Why is it important to describe the problem the customer has for sale?

And now surprise you, because it will be about the brain.

its weight varies from 1200 to 1400 g, which is 2 percent. weight of the whole body, consumes about 20 percent. energy produced by the body, is built of over 100 billion neurons, each of which can establish 10 thousand. connections.

Favorite brain fun? – shortcuts on paths.

Help the customer to use less energy. Describe his problem and he will not leave because he wants to know the solution. But there is still time for solution. First, we need to make him understand how this problem hurts.

Emotions are a force that drives many processes. It is they who encourage us to take some action or give up another. We know from psychology that emotionally charged positive or negative content stays in mind longer than neutral ones that we easily forget.

Most decisions made when shopping for different types of goods and services are based on emotions and creating an emotional relationship with the consumer. This is the basis for a specialized field known as emotional marketing.

Nowadays, we can observe a significant change in the approach to the purchase – sale issue due to the ease of access to information. Today, it’s more like a situation where products or services are no longer bought or sold, but rather we sell impressions. We simply buy emotions.

Why Agitation works with selling WBT?

If you connect the customer’s problem with an unpleasant feeling, agitation will start to get your readers to take an introspective look at themself.

Research has shown that we all have problems and we know the feeling that accompanies them.

If you hit the nail on the head, then by now you’ve explained a problem and centered on all the awful feelings that stem from it. Your readers have been taken on a short journey and the issue is at the forefront of their mind, right where you want it to be.

How do you do it?

You swim around in the problem. You get into the reader’s head and tell them how they must be feeling about it. You empathize.

Ultimately, you want to make them nod along and think, “Yes, this is how I feel. This is my problem.”

Do not torture the client for a long time, go to Solution.

After agitation, it’s time to give your reader some relief. It’s time to show them there’s a way out, a way to make the pain end.

This is where you get to make everything better. This is when you reveal the solution – your solution – that will be the balm your audience has been looking for.

Once that’s established, you can then introduce your solution to that problem (a.k.a. your product).

But you can’t just ignore all the work you did setting your readers up for this part. As you now introduce the features/benefits of your product, you can directly address the problems your product solves. After all, your readers are on the same page as you (literally).

Other techniques:

One of the most popular formulas is AIDA (Attention – Interest – Desire – Action).

Other commonly used include ACCA (Awareness – Comprehension – Conviction – Action)

4Cs (Clear – Concise – Compelling – Credible)

Write in the comment if you want me to write more about other techniques.
It will be nice if you let me know, if you know some of the methods and if in your case it works.

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