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The graphic designer converted logos of famous brands during a pandemic

What should the logotypes of the largest brands in the world look like at the time of the pandemic-induced coronavirus?

converted logos of famous brands

In his designs, Slovenian graphic designer Jure Tovrljan, the famous jellyfish with the Starbucks logo, put on a protective mask, and suggested to the beer manufacturer Corona that the name be changed.
Tovrljan is a 41-year-old graphic designer who works every day at the AV Studio agency employing over 60 people and as he admits, the idea to create new versions of the logos of the largest companies appeared at the end of last week.


On the sharing site Dribbble, Tovrljan wrote, “Just an idea of ​​how logos should look like in these difficult times. Hang in there, guys. Stay home.”


He featured the logos on his Behance page


As for the response he’s gotten on the work, “I had some negative comments at first, but it was all done in a positive spirit,” he says. “I just wanted to spread the message in a different way and let people know to keep their social distance, stay at home if possible. After the ball started rolling, everyone saw it as something positive and creative. ”

“The coronavirus pandemic situation began to get out of hand, and around the same time, Facebook and Twitter began to feature a lot of funny images referring to the coronavirus. They were all of very poor quality, so I decided to return to my hobby of logo design and create projects that other people would like to show their friends, “says AdAge in an interview.



Tovrljan works out of a shop called AV Studio, a 41-year-old independent Slovenian agency of 60+ people that counts both domestic and international companies among its clients, including Chinese appiance firm Hisense/Gorenje and several P&G brands.

He started to create the new logos about a week ago. “Things around COVID-19 seriously started to go out of hand and all my social media feeds were flooded with cheap memes,” he says. “I decided to revive an old passion, logo design and I saw an opportunity for some quality content that I would be glad to see on my social feed in these difficult times.”

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