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Shorts – YouTube is working on competition for TikTok

Shorts – competition for TikTok

The TikTok application has been on the market since September 2016, it is a social platform that allows you to create and share short video content with background music. In August 2018, TikTok absorbed another similar application – and took over all its users.

outflow of young and more experienced creators

Shorts – competition for TikTok

YouTube probably some time ago noticed the outflow of young and more experienced creators from their platform to the benefit of, among others, TikTok. It seems, however, that we got the answer in the form of YT Shorts.

TikTok breaks popularity records among the youngest Internet users, and the competition wants to take advantage of this trend. According to the latest reports from The Information, YouTube is working on the Shorts application, which in practice is to be almost a copy of TikTok – a website that allows sharing short films in the premise related to music and dance.

Shorts is expected to exist in the YouTube mobile app as a function, not as a stand-alone product. It is to be launched later this year.

Lip sync movies

Lip sync movies are extremely popular on TikTok. To a large extent they are supported by the editing tools that the application contains. To compete with TikTok, YouTube intends to use a large catalog of licensed music. The video platform is a recognized music house of many of the world’s largest record labels and artists.

According to unofficial rumors, the YouTube platform has already signed special agreements with labels and artists with whom it previously worked, offering an extensive library of music on its site.

Google is not commenting on these reports yet. The new functionality would help YouTube attract young internet users and mobile applications.

confirmed by specialists from XDA

The appearance of the new Shorts is actually just a matter of time, because its existence has been confirmed by specialists from XDA. They looked at the new version of the YouTube Android app, where they found information on the new feature.

For now, we don’t know if anyone can publish movies. Or will the option be limited to people with a minimum number of subscribers to the channel. Let’s hope that we will soon learn more details about the new idea.

I will add that YouTube Shorts is not the only rival of TikTok. Facebook has been testing its own application, Lasso, which it has made available in Brazil for some time. For now, however, you can use it only in this country and there are currently no plans to extend it to other markets.

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