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Coronavirus and the company image

Coronavirus – impact on the functioning of the company and its online image

Unfortunately, coronavirus did not miss German. In recent days, we hear about further illnesses. The threat of an epidemic has therefore become real. How to take care of the company and employees in such a situation?

Coronavirus and the company image

In the era of crisis, which is gradually caused by coronavirus, all companies have faced a difficult situation. How can you manage employees who are afraid to be around other people?

Of course, there is no perfect recipe for crises, but there are several ways to act in a crisis to minimize the negative effects of the spread of COVID-19.

The threat caused by coronavirus forces many employers, but also employees to switch to remote work mode. This is not a vacation or rest, but work. Only at home. Not only that, online can work just as efficiently as in the office. The salary also does not change. Just take care of some things.

1. Remote work
Basic rules of computer work safety at home [users, administrators]

The matter is obvious for many, but let’s start with it: separate the computer for work and computer for play / other private activities. For example, installing a VPN with access to company resources on your “private gaming laptop” is not a very smart move.

Returning to the specific rules – here a lot of companies should have it developed more or less in detail in advance, but remote work is a good opportunity to remind a bit about the topic. Some important aspects are:

Block the computer at the exit for any break (even “just for a moment”). Under Windows, the Win + L keyboard shortcut enables this: in macOS: control + command + Q
Use appropriately complex access passwords (currently four to five or randomly chosen words constitute a solid password).
Use password managers.
Set up automatic computer locking after a short period of inactivity (“Once the cat flew through the keyboard and sent a message to a person from the company”).
Do not lend the company computer (and especially your logged in account!) To others.
Do not use your company computer for gaming or watching movies together (especially pirated ones: P).
Shut down the computer after work (remember to “shut down”, not “put to sleep” or “hibernate”).
If possible, take care of a separate work room.
Administrators can additionally take care of:

Transfer of accounts to employees without administrative rights.
Updates to both system software (e.g. Windows) and additional software (e.g. web browsers, PDF reader, …)
Turning on the firewall (firewall) – preferably in a mode that completely prevents connecting to the employee’s computer from the outside (read: from a completely unsecured home WiFi network).
Provision and ongoing updates of anti-virus software.
Enforcing a ban on installing software not approved by the company.

2. Limitation of business trips and meetings with clients

Is it really worth risking employees’ health?
It is not without reason that many flights to countries threatened by the coronavirus epidemic have been suspended. It is worth considering postponing business trips and meetings with foreign contractors is a necessary minimum.

3. Caring for a positive image

Sometimes a not very clever comment or an unsophisticated marketing campaign. to weaken the company’s image. When sharing information about the threat caused by the virus and how to fight it, it’s worth taking the time to separate reliable information from the statements of self-proclaimed experts in fake news.

Sometimes unnecessary funny comments of employees about the coronavirus, or not stopping an advertising campaign, which at the moment does not match the threat, only confirm the potential customers in the belief that the company is not working professionally and joking about a real threat.

4. Caring for hygiene above all

Due to the fact that the virus spreads by droplet, it is worth taking care of yourself and your immediate environment by following a few simple rules:

Wash your hands thoroughly for 30 seconds with water and soap or alcohol-based liquids / gels (min. 60%).
When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a bent elbow or handkerchief.
Keep at least 1 meter distance between yourself and other people, especially those who cough, sneeze and have a fever.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth because your hands touch many surfaces that may be contaminated with the virus and thus may carry the virus.
If you notice any of your symptoms, get medical help immediately.

Keep calm

Calmness is a word that we will hear many times.
Let’s not make hasty decisions. It is worth issuing a statement encouraging customers only to contact us online, by phone or email. Let’s not risk ourselves, others. Let’s take care of our own and others’ safety and the company’s image will be positively associated.

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