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KFC “Lick your fingers” put on hold due to coronavirus

Due to the spreading epidemic of coronavirus, the KFC brand decided to withdraw its advertisement under the slogan “Lick your fingers”, which could be badly received in the current situation. Hershey also stopped the campaign that promoted interpersonal relationships.

KFC, which is owned by Yum Brands, coined its catchphrase “finger lickin’ good” more than 60 years ago.

We just wrote in the last article HERE about the fact that in connection with the company’s image one should think about withholding some of the advertisements during coronavisur. You didn’t have to wait long to see this type of live action.

The KFC brand, which at the end of February this year, became convinced that maybe the image may be upset. presented its campaign under the slogan “Finger Lickin ‘Good”.

In the spot, as well as on billboards produced as part of the campaign, there were presented people who delightfully lick their fingers after eating a brand’s dish. However, advertising was unfortunately emitted in the UK at a time when the British government was loudly emphasizing the importance of hand hygiene and not touching the face due to the prevailing coronavirus epidemic.

Shortly after the broadcast, the British Advertising Standards Authority received many complaints about this advertisement – many wrote that promoting “licking your fingers” is highly inappropriate in relation to the current epidemic. So KFC decided to temporarily suspend its campaign. However, it did not withdraw it completely, because, as representatives of the brand admitted – “we are very proud of it and we can not wait to restore it at the right moment.”

And for Hershey, even an ad showing people hugging and shaking hands was ruled too risky by the company and has been replaced by spots focusing on the chocolate bars themselves.

Let me know in the comments if you still know any other companies that have had to stop their advertising campaign due to coronavirus.

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