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film production
in Munich
We are filming in your city.
We help in creating the brand image,
promotion and creating positive relations between
the company and clients and business partners.
are a powerful marketing weapon.
advertising films you are looking for!
How film production looks like at CLOU MEDIA?

Film production Munich

Film production is a complex process involving many different activities. Let’s start from the beginning, film productions appeared in people’s lives as early as 1895. Pioneers in this were the French brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière, who patented a device called a cinematograph. Since then, film production has gained a completely new meaning, and over time it has undergone many metamorphoses. Film techniques changed, knowledge expanded in this area, and equipment that had a huge impact on how you can record a moving image and show it.
Today, we live in a time of digitization, where movie clips are saved on SSDs, small portable cards, and movies can most often be found on the Internet or television. The production of promotional films can be a good example, so how does the whole film making process go?
To create a movie, you need an idea, it must start with it. What we want to show and how to show it. If the idea behind us has to focus on creating a script, the script is the key to success, it is also a determinant by which the entire film crew base their actions. Why is the production of advertising films an ideal example? Because every action is planned in advance. We write the scenario ourselves or in cooperation with the client, after getting acquainted with all the details that the client expects.

Who is on movie

We know what we want to achieve and how it should look like, so we need people who will play their part in the film. The ideal move is to organize Casting, thanks to which we will choose people to the appropriate roles.

Munich is a place where the production of advertising films teems with life. People living in this city are curious, stand out with their personality, so finding the right actors for the film is not a big problem. We also use the help of model agencies.

Where is made movie

If film productions are to go our way, the next step is to find the location where the photos are to take place.

The implementation of recordings at the customer is popular. It is a way to reduce production costs and make us show you the authentic workplace of the customer.

We will prepare frames in such a way that each shot will look cinematic regardless of where we are.

With whom you will work

It is worth mentioning who is part of the film crew that creates promotional film productions.
Producer – a person who gathered all people together and cares about the finances of the project.
Director – captain of the ship, without him the whole plan would go to the bottom. He knows what to do and how to do it. His specialized mind will present the team with the best staff and solutions.
Camera operator – the man responsible for the shots, together with the director together they devise a precise plan of action and put it into practice.
Assistant to the camera operator – despite appearances, a very important person on the set, thanks to him work goes smoothly and successfully, changes the lens to another, exchanges the used battery, helps to set up and prepare all film equipment.

It would seem that film production is already in demand in the right people, nothing could be more wrong. Equally important characters on the set are
lighting team, thanks to which the shots look film and natural, a sound engineer who will take care of the purity and quality of the sounds.
The film planner on duty takes care of the cleanliness of the place where we work, preparing the necessary elements that help in the implementation of promotional films go through them smoothly and on time.
The director of the film set – the production, for the work to go well and on time, is the link between all the individual people on the set. He keeps the plan in check and prevents him from falling apart.

The production of promotional films in Munich, as you can see, is a complicated and complex process that many specialized people get into, without which the film set would simply not take place. We always make sure that our film productions are of the highest quality. The production of promotional and advertising films is our specialty!

Film production Munich

Our film studio implements:
  • promotional films
  • advertising films
  • filming and film editing
  • training videos
  • corporate films
  • conference recording
  • interview recording

Clou Media is a unique, innovative, dynamically developing Munich film studio created by professionals in love with their work. Advertising film production is their specialty.

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