English-speaking Advertising agencie Filmmaking in Munich

English-speaking Advertising agencie Filmmaking in Munich


Focus on the benefits of your business.

We’ll make a movie about it. It’s easier than you think!


Content marketing. How it’s working?

Social media turned the advertising market upside down. Global corporations and small businesses are fighting side by side on Facebook, Instagram and other media. Everyone has the same chance to reach their customers – because the idea counts!

Clou Media ( we are English-speaking advertising agencie filmmaking) offers simple and transparent solutions adapted to the requirements of social media. We create short, aesthetic advertising films for Fecebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other websites. We support our clients with film knowledge and ideas.

We take shots with our own film crew and we use a huge music library to which we have the rights to buy.

We offer convenient packages, in which we can offer unparalleled value for money on the market. We deal with the entire production, from A to Z, and we leave our customers the most pleasant: showing the advantages of their own business.



Implementing social video is simpler than you think. All you have to do is specify the topic and initial idea, and we’ll do the rest.

You will receive from us ready material, with music and animations, in a format suitable for social media. Copyright will be given to you in all fields of use and forever.


Other film forms

Do you have an idea for a movie other than a short form for social media?

We realize:
promotional videos
training videos
video instructions
coverage of events
new: VR and 360 movies

Contact us about your ideas and needs. You will receive a quick quote.


You can see more work on our BLOG.