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How to be creative? 10 principles of creative people

How to be creative? According to Michael Michalko, every person is to some extent an artist. However, there is a fundamental difference between creative people and the rest of those who do not display the creative element in their lives.


Michael Michalko is a creative thinking adviser working for the world’s largest companies, one of the most inspiring authors in the world. His book Creative Thinking has been on the bestseller lists around the world for several years.

every person is a special kind of artist (Michael Michalko)

1. Belief

Each of us is creative. You too. The only difference between creative people and those who are not creative is this:

creative people are convinced that they are just creative.

You may find it trivial but the truth is that belief in your own creativity is the first step towards becoming creative. This has also been confirmed by Dr. Marian Diamond’s brain research. She proofed in research that the human brain is neuroplastic.

2. Work

You have to work to be creative. What does Michalko mean by “you have to work”?

The point is for you to be active – try, search, learn from mistakes. Every day, be ready to perform the next tasks.

Did you know that Thomas Edison created 3000 designs of various lighting systems before he finally hit the light bulb?

And Picasso made almost 20 thousand. jobs, more than half of which were useless?

Why does the world know their names today? Because practice really makes perfect.

3. Development

Develop constantly. Learn new things. And don’t stop at the first good idea. According to Michalko, the measure of success is the number of failures after which you got up and went further. Stand up and move forward. Every day.

4. Faith

Once you start the creation process, you must always feel that you are creative and creative.

You must believe that – if not yet – then some interesting and creative thought will be born in your mind. According to Michalko, the brain will work more efficiently if you believe that it is able to create great things.

5. Impact of the environment

How to be creative?
Surround yourself with objects and people who inspire and raise the level of creativity. Listen, look, feel. There are many inspirational stimuli around – notice them.

6. Reception of the world

The world is not black and white.
There is no one truth, no absolute. There is no one right answer, and the picture changes depending on the perspective you choose. Remember that. Seeing the world depends only on you. You decide what colors the world and surroundings are in.

7. Perspective

There is no such thing as “failure”. If you tried something and it failed, you learned something new. Notice what it is and use this knowledge for the future.

8. Negative feedback

There will always be people who criticize the idea. People are different and the range of their knowledge and imagination is also different. Be prepared for the fact that they may be negative about your idea.

Why? Because according to research, people are afraid of what is different and unknown to them.

Then what? Thread. Keep doing your job. Do not stop.

9. Intuition

Listen to her and believe that she leads where your place is. In today’s information noise, it’s difficult to hear yourself. If you want to be creative stop, breathe and listen. Do you hear?

10. Courage

And finally, something that will be necessary to complete whatever you start – courage.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, broadly, maybe differently than the people around you. Be yourself and do not be discouraged by failure. You will stumble to get to your destination – not once and not twice. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, but how many times you get up and go further.

That is why it is so important that you cultivate courage. Don’t be afraid to take risks and implement your wildest ideas.

Why? Because now is your time. Use him.

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