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12 reasons to run a company blog

why to run a company blog Munich

We are a company that not only creates content on social media, but also knows a lot about marketing. Any of our work with the client always has a very strong marketing base, which helps a lot in reaching the needs of our clients.

If you’ve come to our blog, maybe you’ll also find out why companies have blogs and why your company should also write articles.

12 reasons to run a company blog Munich

The purpose of writing a blog

The purpose of blogging is general promotion of the company and the difficulty is that it takes place on many levels at once. At the same time, we address customers, which creates the brand image and causes content from the blog to appear in Google search results.

Clou Media, for example, writes about creating movies, photo sessions, branding, e-learning, i.e. everything we offer.


Reasons to run a blog on a company website:

1. More website traffic

If you run a business website on the web, you definitely want to increase the amount of traffic recorded on it. It is his height that shows interest in your company, and above all is the source of recipients. How can a blog help you increase website traffic? By providing readers with valuable and attractive content, you’ll attract them to your site. Importantly, publishing posts on topics closely related to your business will help you gather the most valuable traffic for you, i.e. a group of potential customers.


2. SEO

Regular blogging will also help you in positioning the page. Frequently updated sites are higher in Google search results, and the best update opportunities are provided by the blog. Each new post is another subpage of your website – by publishing regularly, you increase your chances of appearing in search results from which readers will be redirected to the blog. What’s more, by using relevant keywords in the titles, descriptions and entries themselves, you build a database of phrases that your customers can search for.


3. Increasing reach in social media channels

A company blog will also help you with reaching information to a new, wider audience. Remember that every post is a great source of content from which you can get content for social media channels. This way you will not only build your presence in social media, but also gain new recipients of your messages – all you have to do is direct them to your blog in the content of the post. Posts published on such platforms as Facebook, LinkedIn can in turn be shared by users – you will gain such additional traffic on the site.


4. Increased sales opportunities

You should be able to get leads from the traffic generated on the page. Make sure to include appropriate call to action under each post, encouraging, for example, to leave an email address. Consider whether under a given post it is better to invite users to join the newsletter, or can offer them free materials that in a wider spectrum discuss the topic raised in the entry. You may also want to consider adding a subscription form in a dynamic popup form that will not miss the most readers. However, remember not to be annoying and not to obstruct the reading of the entry – find the optimal moment to display it.

12 reasons to run a company blog Munich

5. The image of an expert

A company blog will help you in your PR activities. Thanks to it you have the chance to create the desired image of the company. By publishing substantive content that answers customers’ questions, you’ll meet their informational needs and build the image of an expert. Reading such entries will allow your client to better understand the work you can do for him and see the full benefits of it. The information-rich articles also testify to the fact that you know very well what you do, so customers will be convinced that by choosing your company they can count on professional services.


6. Competitiveness

Build a leader position among your competitors – companies operating in your industry must know that you are a player that you have to take into account. When browsing competing websites, your customers will definitely appreciate the fact that you have a blog, because it means that you have something to say about the topic in which you operate. Running a major company blog can also result in invitations to various industry events or requests to comment on external websites. Such invitations result in greater recognition of the company and build its positive image in the minds of potential clients and people from the industry.

12 reasons to run a company blog Munich

7. Presentation of the offer

The company blog should be a tool supporting your business. So take advantage of the advertising opportunity that each subsequent post gives you. Describe your services and new products in them, by putting relevant keywords into the text, after which customers will be able to search for you. Remember that posts are not, however, intrusive advertising – no one likes when under the cover of care there is another product to buy. Bet on an inspiring case study that will show the assumed stage of creation of your products and a number of services that you have to offer. Do you sell online? Publish guides that will help customers fully exploit the potential of your products, record tutorials and write articles that will clarify the offer. Believe us, such forms are the best medium for shops and service companies, because they allow to show clients the real value of offered products and services.


8. Building customer relationships

The blog will also help you gain customer loyalty. However, you must remember that your relationship with readers cannot be based on unilateral contact – sending messages is not effective. Create engaging content that will encourage readers to speak and ensure quick feedback. Try to respond to all comments left on the blog, because in this way you will show that the voice of each user is important to you. When answering these questions, try to dispel all customer doubts, and at the same time pay attention to what they ask – you will be able to treat this knowledge as inspiration for subsequent posts or creating offers, if you present your products on the blog.

Send readers regular messages that will keep you in touch and at the same time inform you that the company is a thriving business. Relationships built in this way can bring you many regular customers.


9. Employer branding

A company blog can also support employer branding activities. Posting achievements or events that are important to your business can encourage potential employees to apply. Build a positive image as an employer and attract not only clients to your company, but also the best specialists who will contribute to its development.


10. The promise of quality

The content you post on your blog should be presented in a professional manner. Good quality content and attractive graphics will affect the quality of your services. The entry that the potential customer will see should give him clarity that your company provides services at the highest level – take this opportunity and confirm your quality.


11. Express your brand personality

The content published on the blog is also an opportunity to show readers the personality of the brand. Depending on the type of business, you can choose the style in which the articles will be written and the degree of their formalization. Make such decisions in accordance with the preferences of your target audience – think about who the people you want to reach with your message and create a message tailored to their expectations. He will certainly meet with understanding and interest the right people.


12. Analysis of user behavior

Blog is also great analytical material – having a Google Analytics account, you will have an insight into a lot of interesting and valuable information for the company. Each post allows you to examine how much users are interested in the topic and how much they engage in browsing the site. Drawing the appropriate conclusions from such data will help you to keep your blog both in terms of topics of publication, as well as its optimization in terms of search engine.

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