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Instagram Lets Users Pin Comments
A new Instagram feature allows users to pin their favorite comments to the top of posts.

Pinned comments – a feature in testing since May – has been officially rolled out to everyone, Instagram announced today.

If YouTube is anything to go by, which has had pinned comments since 2016, this feature has the potential to add a whole other level of engagement to Instagram posts.

A new thing and many can enjoy. The new feature gives us a new opportunity. Keep the nice, important, interesting Pin at the very top of the comments. Will it be useful? Of course, considering how many comments per day contains only the emoticon, and how few really valuable comments.

Users can pin a positive comment to the top of a post and bury the negativity.


“This feature gives people a way to set the tone for their account and engage with their community by pinning a select number of comments to the top of their comments thread.”



That’s how pinned comments fit in with Instagram’s anti-bully efforts, but it can be an effective marketing tactic as well.

Removing Negative Comments

In addition to highlighting positive comments, Instagram has been testing the ability to delete large numbers of unwanted comments.

“We know it can feel overwhelming to manage a rush of negative comments, so we’ve been testing the ability to delete comments in bulk, as well as block or restrict multiple accounts that post negative comments.”



So far, early feedback indicates this feature can help people maintain a positive environment on their account, especially if they have larger followings.

Choose Who Can Tag You

Instagram users also have another feature to choose who can tag and mention them.

“We’ve seen that tags and mentions can be used to target or bully others, so we’re rolling out new controls that allow you to manage who can tag or mention you on Instagram.”




You can choose from the following options:

  • Everyone can tag/mention you
  • Only people you follow can tag/mention you
  • No one can tag/mention you

These settings will apply to comments, captions, and stories.

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