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how to do good video marketing

Munich Film & Video Making München.

It should be remembered that the content created by us is to be used by the recipient, which is why there is a high probability that the film presenting the company’s offer will be less effective than the guide video.


Use descriptions and tags in your video.

The right labeling of your videos allows people who are looking for it to find material.


Stand out from other available video materials on a given topic.
Due to the number of incentives “attacking” internet users every second of using it, the key is to keep their attention. If we want to achieve this effect with the help of video, first of all comes an interesting title that captures the topic in an innovative way. Eye-catching thumbnails or distinctive descriptions are also helpful in achieving this goal.


Keeping attention throughout the video.

It is often said that the video, to be the most effective, should last 9-15 minutes. But these data are definitely not confirmed on social media. Studies show that if you don’t get interested in the first few seconds, no one will last up to 10 seconds.

It is worth remembering that the film will be watched by its recipients as long as it is considered by them to be interesting and valuable. Adjust the length to the specifics of the particular promotion channel in which the video data is used.

To make it easier for viewers to view and understand, you can use the division of a film into segments or parts (like chapters in a book).


Diversifying the benefits of each video.

Preparation of good video material requires time and commitment. For this reason, once recorded video should be used on as many communication platforms as possible. Adjust its parameters (such as length or format) to the requirements of a given channel.

Once recorded, the video can be distributed in many channels, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, blog, Snapchat, Podcast, LinkedIn, website, mailing, internal communication in the company, etc.).


The measure of success is effectiveness.

While the effectiveness of video marketing activities can be assessed by some through the prism of the number of video plays, the number of comments or reactions it generates, it should be remembered that the most important parameter is the reference of our goal.

In the real world, one should not expect a single video to turn all our marketing upside down. For this you may need a more extensive strategy of action.

The goal can then be to make a sale, leave personal data, top up your remarketing list.

That is why it is so important to constantly monitor the operation of not only a specific film, but also the entire campaign, which surprisingly marketers and business owners forget.

Marketing is not only strategy and content posting, mainly monitoring and quick response.



And where did we get the idea for the movie in this post?


Just give me coffee and watch me make it happen


After reading this quote, we immediately started working and edited the film. But what a post it would be without information that will help in video marketing. We hope your week starts as well as for us.

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