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The client comes to the agency and says:

I want an instagram video

This time the film was prepared for restaurants for social media.
And on the occasion of social media, read what we advise to have more clients on your Instagram account.

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Instagram – 7 steps to the popular video

If we want our video to be watched, liked, and that there are some benefits for our brand, it is worth ensuring the range of such materials. That’s why today I have some practical tips for you to reach new viewers.

1. Instagram and hashtags

#hashtagi, i.e. keywords related to video. They generate and allow you to reach people potentially interested in content. How to choose them? There is no one universal method. The most important thing is that they are closely related to what you serve. The best way is to test different keywords and observe the effects. #HashtagAlert, a list of the best hashtags that Brand24 has prepared can also help.

2. Direct message

Instagram has been sending direct private messages to followers. Such news can also be video that you have made available on the website. You can do this from the published post. However, remember to use it wisely. Sending to everyone is a rather bad idea. Choose a few followers to see which video they really need. You can also use the “Share with close friends” option.

3. The right time

The video publishing time is also an extremely important factor. Before you decide to let anything go into the world, try to find out as much as possible about your target group. Who they are, what they do, what their duties and preferences are. This will help you create a persona, i.e. the ideal recipient’s profile ( look at this articles ). After collecting such information, it will be much easier to determine the right time to publish the video on Instagram. Check out the various options, see when you have the largest ranges and choose the best hour.

4. Quality, length and parameters

Not only “how“, but also “WHAT” you publish affects. People are more likely to like and comment on high-quality materials. Therefore, make sure that the video image is clear and the sound is clearly heard. The video length is also important. According to recent studies, video materials with a length of up to 30 seconds achieve the best results on Instagram. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot exceed this length. However, it is worth considering this when creating a message. Also think about adding subtitles and creating video to make it understandable without sound. By default, all movies on an Instagram whiteboard are played that way (without sound).

5. Be active with others

Instagram is the community in which the reciprocity rule works. You can’t only expect, but you also have to give. Therefore, in addition to regular video publishing, you should also be active on other profiles. Like, comment, build positive bonds. These are two potential benefits for you. People are more likely to visit involved profiles and those that have a nice image. In addition, if comments appear on other profiles, there is a good chance that some interested parties will click and visit your profile.

6. Inform about your profile

This tip is quite general, because it applies to the whole profile, but it will give benefits, among others. video material. If you want people to visit your profile, they need to know that it exists. Therefore – inform about your profile everywhere (web, other social media accounts). Let your profiles contain information and a link to Instagram.

7. Description and call to action

Do people know that they are to leave likes? Do you incite them to comment in any way? Just uploading a video is not enough. It is also worth putting in a short description that will encourage you to watch and give you a brief idea of ​​what the video is about. Don’t forget to encourage viewers to leave a comment. For this purpose, open questions such as “How do you like it”, “What do you think about …” “Who of you tested such a solution?”, Etc. works best.

These seven SIMPLE and FAST steps will allow you to significantly increase the statistics of your video materials.

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