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Hair salon marketing
how to sell more?

In addition to pursuing their own passions, every owner of a hair salon dreams of making his business profitable. The bill is simple: the more sales, the more profit. But how to encourage customers to buy additional services or products without being intrusive?

Where to get additional profits or resale products in a hair salon

I am not sure if you know, but the common opinion is that hairdressers do not offer their clients products for resale. Meanwhile, most customers are very interested in buying them. When you wash hair, the client wonders what kind of hair shampoo you use. When you use mousse or hairspray, the same questions arise in the client’s head. Many hairdressers do not notice this interest. This is a mistake. Tell the customer which products you use during your visit and suggest buying them.
Statistics say that a hairdresser can increase his turnover only by selling products up to 15-20%. It also goes hand-in-hand with customer satisfaction from a properly selected cosmetic.


sale of the “premium” version in place of the basic one.

Try not to arouse discomfort or overwhelming offer by offering the customer additional shopping. Avoid pushiness – put on subtlety and make sure that your every proposal is hit. How?

An example of a movie that we made for hair salon.

Vertical format used for Instastory.

First of all: listen

Communication with the client begins at the stage of arranging the visit. This is when the first valuable information gets to you. It is also an ideal opportunity to learn about the purpose of the visit and offer the client the choice of an extended service. It is worth explaining the effects of additional treatments and highlighting their benefits. This is not the end, of course.

From the moment the customer crosses the threshold of your salon, every word and every interaction with him is a potential opportunity for additional sales. By establishing a conversation, you gain access to many valuable information. When a customer complains about hair problems or mentions styling that attracted his attention, you can freely mention to him about related products or services from your offer. In turn, when private issues are raised, you have the chance to get an idea of ​​the person’s situation and assess whether he is in the mood for additional purchases on this day and what – for financial reasons – he can afford. Remember: every customer word is a tip, and the ability to properly interpret tips is the key to successful sales.

Hair salon marketing – how to sell more

Second: remember

With many customers, it’s difficult to remember all the details about their visits. Writing everything in a notebook also doesn’t work – if only because you will soon drown in your notes. However, there is a much better solution: electronic customer cards.

It is a tool that will allow you to create a detailed history of visits, as well as conveniently view it. You will note there all important information and add useful attachments – eg before and after pictures. Quick access to such materials will facilitate not only your work, but also communication with clients. Think – if during a conversation with a client you return to topics discussed in the past or offer him a service perfectly tailored to his needs, you will certainly positively surprise him and give him the feeling that you always listen to him carefully.

Hair salon marketing – how to sell more

Hair salon marketing

They say that the key to the success of any hairdresser is to recommend his service to satisfied customers. This is true. This is a very important source of acquiring new customers, it is not the only one. Look for them on social media too. Create an account on Facebook and Instagram and present your achievements there. Take out your cell phone, take photos of hairstyles that came out of your hands and share them with others.

If you feel a moment of hesitation because you are not a professional photographer, don’t worry about it. People will appreciate the fact that you took pictures as much as you could.

However, if, despite your good intentions, you don’t have time to do it and you also prefer to outsource it, please contact us. We will support you by making movies and photos. Individual sessions and contracts for a longer period.

Offer main services at a high level of culture. When the customers come, say hello to them in the salon, suggest a cup of coffee, give an interesting trade press to read. The sum of all these, maybe seemingly small things, will make you establish relationships with customers who are happy to come back to you.

Hair salon marketing – how to sell more

Common benefit

It is not difficult to notice that the effectiveness of additional sales largely depends on satisfied employees. Give them motivation to make them feel that they are also working on their own. In this case, a well-organized commission system works best, thanks to which the efforts of employees have a direct impact on their financial results. Every happy employee is the next step to the success of the salon.

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