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The client comes to the agency and says:

I would like a movie on my instagram and website.


Indeed, large companies generating big profits have a nice budget for advertising and extensive marketing departments. These companies know what they want. They know their client and ask specific questions when writing breaf.

However, there are few such companies on the market, but many more smaller family businesses that already know what marketing in internet means. But they still don’t know what they need.

It was this type of company that asked us for help.

Preparing the movie you see in this article our client did not know exactly what film she needed, but she liked our earlier work and trusted us completely.

We understood that the film should be targeted at 20+ customers.

We often meet with movie orders from clients who don’t know what they need. That’s why we thought that if you also don’t know what movie you need, this very short article will be helpful.

Next time it will be easier for you to think about your advertising film.


It is worth knowing some features that make advertising films effective and fully affect the subconscious of the viewer.


What is the purpose of creating an advertising film?

The key is to clearly define the purpose at the beginning of work on the film. We have to answer an important question: what are we doing an advertising film for? It’s important to know why we spend money on it. Often it is not a lot of money, so we should think about whether we want to advertise a specific product, increase customer awareness of our brand or simply for broadly understood promotional purposes.


Who do we address an advertising film for?

Equally important is the proper selection of the target group of the advertising film. We will speak differently to people aged 13-20, different 20-30 years and yet to the target group 40+. Advertising spots that are not targeted at a specific target group have a poor chance of breaking into the minds of all people. Anyway, probably the product advertised by us in the advertising film will not be addressed to everyone, so it is pointless to call a generic call: “Hey, it’s me! And this is my product! Buy from !!! ”


How does the target audience of the advertising film behave?

Once you’ve chosen the right target group, it’s important to know how this group communicates. Does he spend more time online or offline. What does he like, where does he work, what does he do? The more detail we learn about the preferences of the target group, the greater the chance that the advertising films we offer will be more effective.


Advertising films and emotions

Another important factor is the appropriate evocation of emotions through an advertising film. It is not enough to tell a dry story about the Lord who, after gluing the denture to his jaw with a new glue, is the happiest grandfather on earth. The trick is to create an ambitious message that effectively appeals to the viewer’s subconscious. Only such a message has a chance to remain in it for longer, guaranteeing that the customer will be associated with our brand.


Call to action!

When we have a ready, fully refined, incredibly thrilling script of an advertising film, it is important to create the last element that will give the viewer the answer to the question “what next?” This element is a “call to action.” We must clearly tell the viewer what to do. Whether to go to a website, run to the store, or choose the right phone number, and the product will appear in its door in an hour …

Maybe you need film? If yes, please write to us: CLICK HERE and write an email.

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