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Rules and Limits on Instagram in 2022

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Rules and Limits on Instagram in 2022

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Have you ever had your account on Instagram or certain features blocked? Perhaps certain limits have been exceeded by your Instagram account. If you want your account on Instagram to be safe then it is essential to know the rules and limits in place.

If you want to secure your profile on Instagram, keep in mind the rules and regulations of the platform. For example, there are certain limits on likes, comments and mentions per day and per hour. In this material, we will discuss the most important limits on Instagram in 2020, their basic rules, reasons and how to avoid them.

Rules and Limits on Instagram in 2022

Banned content on Instagram

Not all people are allowed to post on Instagram. Even though Instagram is a free social media there are certain guidelines when it comes to the content you add. Here is the banned content that no one should ever use on Instagram:

  • Buying and selling firearms
  • Buying and selling alcohol
  • Buying and selling tobacco
  • Illegal prescription drugs
  • Selling live animals
  • Gambling content
  • Sexual Content
  • Hate Speech
  • Blackmailing or Harassing Others
  • Encouraging Violence
  • Psychological Abuse, Financial Abuse, Vandalism
  • Encouraging people to self-harm
  • Videos depicting aggression and violence

Any posts or accounts that base their content on the above content will be penalized by Instagram. By publishing the above content, we can expect the removal of our posts that violate the rules and additionally the restriction of visibility of our account. Not only posts but even comments are subject to restrictions. Remember that in case of further publication of prohibited content our account may be permanently deleted.


Likes on Instagram – limit

Likes are the most used element with which emotions are expressed on Instagram, which is why the famous hearts are also subject to limits that apply to each user. If you want to use the likes function on Instagram without interruption, remember to dose your emotions … Instagram allows you to give a maximum of 60 hearts in an hour, exceeding this limit results in a time block of this function, determined individually depending on how often the limit is exceeded.

In addition, it is important to note that in the settings you can view the 300 most recently liked photos and/or videos by your profile.


Comments – why instagram block you

Every Instagram user, regardless of whether they have a corporate or private profile can publish a maximum of 60 comments within 1 hour. Notorious exceeding of this value may result in tightening of the limit even to 20 comments per hour. Too frequent exceeding of the allowed value of comments per hour can also result in blocking the commenting function for a period from several hours to several days.

An important element that Instagram’s anti-spam system pays attention to is the quality and repetition of comments. If you often use short forms of expressing your emotions e.g. using emoji and repetitive comments, keep in mind that each of your comments is compared with others you have published. In practice, this means that if you publish the same comment several times in a row, Instagram will block your overused form permanently.



Instagram allows you to preview the last 200 news on the main board. The problem with this limit arises in a situation where, for example, 600 profiles are observed and each profile regularly publishes new posts – unfortunately, you will not have the opportunity to see each, but only the 200 most recently published.


Character limits in the description of the post on Instagram

In addition to adding a post with a photo or video, the following is also important – the description. In the description we can establish a relationship with our audience – ask questions, express our opinion or motivate with our actions. However, regardless of the form of the description, we are somewhat limited as far as it is concerned. Instagram allows you to post a description with a maximum length of 2200 characters including spaces. The given length takes into account the description including the hashtags used.

Exceeding the maximum length may result in our post being added without the description and hashtags used.



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