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3 biggest marketing challenges 2020

The end of 2019 and the 3 biggest marketing challenges 2020

3 biggest marketing challenges 2020. As the first to mention the current challenge for some time in our reality, namely the measurement and analytics capabilities of large data sets and the possibility of using them in market decisions. This topic will be a challenge for a long time given the dynamics and scale of changes in this area.

The second issue is social pressure and ecological responsibility of companies. This is not just a trend or a topic for discussion, but communities expect action and responsibility from companies. It is a space to build a wise market advantage, which is becoming more and more important and is gaining strength with each passing day. I believe that this will be the most important challenge this year for the entire global economy.

As the last ones I mention the increase in branding awareness and the search for own identities by brands. In a world where “everything has already been discovered” brands are discovering their own DNA and the possibilities of finding their own space. It is no longer just the domain of large enterprises, smaller entities are also discovering importance.
In these few words of summary, I wish all of us interesting professional challenges and of course only successes in this beginning year.

Today very short, because it’s a fun time and not a deep thought. So our blog is over in 2019 and we see each other again in the coming 2020.

Have fun!

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