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Tasty movie with Baileys

What is Baileys

Tasty movie with Baileys. Irish liqueur based on cream and whiskey with the addition of cocoa and vanilla. The ingredients used in its production come from carefully selected Irish farms and the oldest in the country, 400-year-old distillery in Bushmills.

Baileys has a moderate alcohol content, has a mild Irish whiskey flavor, a thick, creamy texture and a beige-amber color.

Baileys story

Baileys was first produced in the ’70s of the twentieth century and to date it is produced only in Ireland, from where over 80 million bottles are delivered to over 130 countries around the world every year. The milk used for its production comes from ecological farms that comply with strict standards for breeding and grazing cows.

Known as “Baileys Ladies,” they spend more than 300 days a year in the open air, strolling through the emerald fields of Ireland and slowly chewing their crops. No wonder that Baileys, created in cooperation with happy cows, is the most-bought liqueur in the world.

Every minute, over 2,000 people buy Baileys. Baileys is described by German consumers as being characterized by the highest quality and a very characteristic, unmistakable taste. It tastes best when served on ice, but also works great as a coffee additive.


Its thick, creamy texture, chocolate flavor and warming character make Baileys a particularly pleasant drink during the evenings by the fireplace after a day of skiing. Baileys is even created to be mixed with coffee, cocoa, hot chocolate or milk.

Choose darker, less sweet hot chocolate and let the Irish cream complete the taste. All warm drinks seem to get even better with a little Baileys.

Tea is no exception. Try adding a little liqueur to Earl Gray hot tea and you will get a slightly creamy tea with a delicate chocolate flavor. The liqueur goes well with vanilla, cinnamon, as well as spicy spices such as ginger or chili. Such a mixture heats up even more!

We were lucky that we could make a movie with Bailey and try how it tastes with the addition of ice cream and pieces of chocolate.

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wow, looks cool

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I’m just starting to make these types of films. Is this a transytion from the program? What program are you using?

Hi 450!

This movie does not use any transition effects made in the program. The whole is the result of camera movements, which were then mounted in Final Cut Pro.

Very Nice!

you are creative people! Beautiful Branding

Awesome work.. Love it!

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