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the benefits of video marketing
the benefits of video marketing

Everyone who hears the slogan “video marketing” knows that it is an advertisement contained in video material. Why do people use this form of internet marketing? It’s easy. They are designed to strengthen the image of a given brand by showing a given product or service.

Let’s start with the fact that video marketing includes video blogs, product reviews and webinars. Youtubers who often present a product or service in their videos often use this form of marketing.



of marketers say that their most effective strategy is video marketing
interesting facts
78% of marketers say that their most effective strategy is video marketing
97% of marketers say that video has helped increase understanding of how their products or services work among customers
Viewers remember 95% of the message when they watch it in the movie

Video content marketing as the future of internet marketing?

the benefits of video marketing

The requirements of internet users are constantly increasing. It would be best if everything was served “on a tray” and required the least effort on the part of the Internet user. This means that the message should be simple, useful, specific and attractive. SEO texts work well here, as well as their supplementation in the form of videos.

benefits of video marketing

The role of video gains strength from year to year. Ever faster internet allows you to watch movie clips even without access to a permanent connection. People who are responsible for marketing in companies use it very willingly.


78% of marketers say that their most effective strategy is video marketing


The growing demand for video transmission can be noticed recently more and more often in the e-commerce industry. No one is surprised to show the product in the form of video instead of static photos. Thanks to this, the customer can view the product from all sides. In addition, with the help of a film you can show the customer how to use the product in practice, which incredibly stimulates the imagination.


81% of people were convinced to buy a product or service by watching video
69% of people were convinced to buy software or applications while watching video


It also turns out that just as price comparisons and internet forums ruled once where you could read opinions about a given product, today the customer is looking for video content with a given product.

Showing the product in the clip inspires more trust than dry text. After all, the customer can see almost live how the product looks after unpacking. In addition, if speaker can skillfully talk about the benefits of the product is a surefire success. So here is one of the ideas: create a video from the so-called unboxings where the product is shown from the moment of unpacking the box.


50% of internet users search for product video before visiting the store (Google)


Are there any other advantages of video marketing? Let’s analyze further.




Accustomed to short TV commercials lasting about 30 seconds, the Internet user also does not want to spend more time watching. If your video lasts a few minutes, then every minute the chance that the customer will watch the movie to the end decreases.


15% of users think that video advertising should not be longer than 15 seconds.


From the above comes another conclusion. Since we have so little time for the viewer’s interest, we have even less to catch his attention enough to watch the video to the end. Therefore, the most important elements should be placed immediately in the first seconds of the movie.


33% of viewers will stop watching the video after 30 seconds,
45% for one minute
60% after two minutes. (Ad Age)


Video materials on the site – what should be remembered?

benefits of video marketing

The advantages of video content on the site seem obvious? Maybe yes, but the issues that we must remember to take advantage are not so obvious:

  • a well thought-out concept of the film (supplementing the FAQ section, text on the blog, webinar, coverage of a company event or trade fair, or maybe a film showing the company’s history?)
  • title and description of the film – it’s worth making sure that the title of the film responds to specific user queries, it is also a place to use phrases for which we want to position our website
  • video optimization – you should “convince” Google that video is an integral part of the site
  • good image and sound quality
  • visible option to share the movie on social media.

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