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Restaurant marketing in Munich – Advice from Clou Media

Recently, we have been lucky to cooperate with restaurants. We meet the same situation at every meeting. Restaurant owners or managers know that the site is no longer enough for business advertising, but they do not know how to deal with social media channels. That’s why we let some advice for restaurateurs.

Although there is no clear “golden” recipe for a great restaurant, undoubtedly the management is helped by a refined marketing and culinary vision as well as an informed business and media environment. Below you will find a sample of what awaits you during meetings with us.

Restaurant marketing in Munich – Advice

1. Observe the market
Always. What are the trends? What does the competition do? What are the partners doing?

2. Specify the marketing budget
A marketing budget is just as important a point of a business plan as shopping for kitchen products or employee salaries.

Conversation with customers will increase sales, even if the product or service is never mentioned.

5. Create a communication guide
This will be your set of rules (manual), which will set the direction of work (graphics, language, sales and marketing style).

6. Think about the guest in the long term
Think about relations and communication with the guest before coming to the restaurant, during the visit and after. This pays off.

3. Dedicate the employee to marketing and sales
This cannot be a person of chance. An external agency is just or as much as support. This is a common mistake.

4. Start with a marketing strategy
Think about what you want to convey to restaurant guests: what values, what makes you different and how you want to convey it. Create a vision, mission and action plan. Otherwise you will “run” without a specific direction and goal, and this is a path and an ineffective form of action.

Restaurant marketing in Munich – Advice

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