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How to Overcome the Fear of Video Recording

How to Overcome the Fear of Video Recording. 

Fear of video recording. When you build a brand, sooner or later there will be a moment when you will have to stand in front of the camera. Maybe it will be a promotional film, recorded speech, film on YouTube, live or Instastory. And something tells me that the very thought of it will already stress you.


Many of us, even the greatest actors, feel the fear of video recording. However, there are ways to deal with this anxiety.


10 reasons why video recording is important

1. You learn to speak and talk about your business.

2. When you talk about your work and industry, other people from the media also see you and see in you a potential person with whom you can interview or invite as a specialist to an event or to television / radio / podcast / liva. It’s a great way to extend your ranges in an avalanche way.

Square format used for social media.

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How to Overcome the Fear of Video Recording

3. You build trust. You show your face. You are a real / normal person you can trust.

4. You build the image of a specialist in your industry, which also increases your value and, as a result, makes your prices or the price of your services rise.

5. You build sympathy. If people like you, they are more likely to want to work with you.

6. You share your knowledge for free, so a sense of gratitude arises and people want to buy from you because you have already helped them with something.

7. If you organize a recording day and record, for example, 10 video materials, then you have material that you can systematically publish on the web and thanks to that people are up to date with you. You remain in their consciousness. You don’t have to think about what to record every day.

8. If you get used to people and like you as a human, they will also be more likely to buy an online course from you, for example.

9. The video recording can also be a form of additional material or a gift for the client. The value of the product increases automatically.

10. Video can be a way to welcome your new customers who bought your product and instruct them in the next steps, giving them a sense of care.

How to deal with the fear of recording a video?

How to Overcome the Fear of Video Recording


Your goal can be: transfer of knowledge, solution of a problem, answer to a question. Give value to the person who watches you, it is about him here. Do not plan “kidnapping the crowd”, being an “Instagram star”, but plan specific things, e.g. convey and explain 5 ways to get used to speaking as clearly as possible.


Think about the advantages that you will break in the long term, but also about the satisfaction after the speech. You can start with short forms. Start with a spontaneous live when there are few people on Instagram or Facebook.


Assume a negative scenario, accept it and act with its awareness. For example: “I’m afraid that there will be only a person.” Ok great, so plan that you’ll have a great time just talking to yourself. Just do it the best you can.

ACCEPT UNPredictability

Assume the lack of predictability: maybe the link will break, maybe someone will ask a question that you will not know the answer to. Nothing bad will happen. You can handle everything.


This is a very important stage. The better you prepare your speech, the more comfortable you will feel, even when you get stressed. If it helps, start with short, very specific statements.


Play a confident person. Despite the fact that your heart is beating like a hammer, straighten up, take a breath and act like a confident person.


Daniel Carnegie talks about imagining that all who listen to you owe you money. Imagine that everyone came to ask you to extend the repayment deadline. Or imagine something funny related to these people, e.g. that everyone is sitting in big toy glasses, or with reindeer horns … whatever.

Raise your self-esteem

Remember all the positive words you heard about yourself. Make a note of them on a piece of paper (if you have a problem with this, it can help you with e.g. Gallup’s talent test) Remember the things you did.


You can tune in well before starting: good music, think of your 5 strong qualities. Meditation or vice versa stimulating yourself through dance, exercise – raising your energy level. You can dress nicer if it helps or, conversely, dress normally if you feel less pressure. Make order in your surroundings.


Make a trial presentation, preferably in the same place where the recording will take place. Simulation. Get used to the camera / phone. Try to speak aloud.



Remember that people will like you more if you are not perfect, if you are imperfect. You are more human, natural, you inspire trust.


Practice makes perfect. The more often you record, the easier it will come to you. It’s like riding a bike!

Get started today

Start by recording a short Instastory. Even a minute. Take a deep breath and do it – touch the “share” button. Instastory is the best form of training. Here, nobody expects perfection and it is with authenticity that you can win your followers. And the good news – your Instastory will disappear after 24 hours, and if it’s really bad, delete it and record again. And I am begging you, do not delete a thousand times.

Also remember that being authentic is one of the most important elements of building a brand. What does it mean? Be yourself, real and perfect. In fact, some will love you, others just like you and others just the opposite. You are not vanilla ice cream. You don’t have to taste everyone.

Building a community is attracting fans and repelling others. As a result, you gather people who potentially buy from you, just because you are who you are.

Don’t worry about other people’s critical remarks. Don’t let them inhibit your actions. analyze the criticism, if it is constructive, join something and make a movie better. Bravely and consistently pave the way to build the business you dream of. Okay?


Let this film which we show at the top be an inspiration for you. Everything you already have. You have it in you.

Have fun recording movies. Be sure to write and send us the link with effects of your work.

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